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Why Use a Digital Scale? Can They Really Help for Achieving Fitness Goals?

digital scales

One of the many accessories that people can purchase to track their fitness progress is a bluetooth digital scale. It looks like your typical bathroom scale, but it does much more than tell you how much you weigh. A bluetooth scale works in tandem with an application on your phone to provide you with accurate health data about yourself over time.

A digital scale measures your weight and body fat percentage and sends the information to an application, which can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer. A bluetooth scale will also provide you with a breakdown of your water and muscle mass percentages. This way it is easy to track any type of progress you are making in terms of healthy

A digital scale is a must have for your personal fitness goals. The Kore Scale Gen 2 is our choice for best digital scale which can connect to an app on your phone; we also like the Fitbit Aria Wi Fi Smart Scale as well.There are several digital scales on the market, but all of them will share the core features like tracking your weight loss goals and measurements. The KoreScale Gen 2 is one of several bluetooth smart scales that can connect to your phone through an app; allowing you to track all of your health related data.

The KoreScale Gen 2 is a high functioning digital scale with a sleek design. The weight scale can measure up to 400 pounds in increments of 0.2 pounds. The bluetooth smart scale can connect to your Android or iOS device, and track everything from body fat percentage, water weight, muscle mass and bone mass over time through an app on your phone.

The KoreScale Gen 2 is just one of many high functioning scales that can connect to your smart device to track weight, body fat percentage and other health related issues which can help you to reach your fitness goals. These bluetooth smart scales are designed for the individual who wants to lose weight but also keep track of their progress while doing so.

The KoreScale Gen 2 is a sleek, modern designed digital weight scale. The weight scale comes in at 11 pounds and 1.4 ounces while the dimensions of the bluetooth smart scale are 9 x 9 x 3 inches. The design of the weight scale is a high-gloss polished tempered glass top with a silver metal base which gives it a nice modern look.

Why Use a Digital Scale?    

Using a digital scale, like the KoreScale Gen 2 can help you to track your weight loss goals. These scales are especially great for the person who needs constant reminders of their progress in order to stay motivated. They allow you to see where you started and how far you have come on your journey.   

You can purchase a digital scale to weigh yourself daily or weekly and see how much weight you have lost.  

How Does it Track Body Fat Percentage?    

By using the app with this scale it can determine certain metrics. Body fat percentage is the weight of all fat divided by your total weight. The KoreScale Gen 2 measures body fat percentage as well as water weight, muscle mass and bone mass over time through your bluetooth smart scale and app settings.

The measurement of body fat tells you how much of your total body weight is made up of fat, lean muscle mass and bone.

How to Use a Digital Scale?          

Using a digital scale is simple, all you have to do is step on the platform with both feet and wait for the bluetooth smart scale to recognize your weight. Once it recognizes the number of pounds you weigh, this number will be displayed on your phone through an app including all of the other metrics and your progress over time.

The KoreScale Gen 2 digital scale is just one of many bluetooth smart scales that you can use to track your weight loss or fitness goals this year.

Should You Buy a Digital Scale?

Digital scales are highly accurate. The app that comes with KoreScale Gen 2 also helps track fitness goals and other information on your phone and reminds you of certain goals.

The significant advantage of using this scale, as opposed to many others on the market, is that it wirelessly transfers your data to an app via Bluetooth. This app can provide you with detailed information regarding your progress. You could even use it to send the information to a doctor if you wanted. For example, if you are trying to lose weight , the scale will send different messages to encourage you depending on whether your morning measurements show a loss or a gain.

The Bluetooth scale is available from many retailers, such as for around $99. It comes calibrated to assure accurate measurements. You can buy one here .

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