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Social Security is an increasingly important part of retirement planning and everyday life for millions of Americans - especially now in our current economy. 

Making the right decisions when it comes to your Social Security benefits can make a huge difference in your financial security in retirement. 

If you need answers about Social Security you can now chat with a Social Security expert 1 on 1 who specializes in the Michigan State Laws, and Social Security.

By using JustAnswers™ team of experts you can Skip the lines and start now - they are available 24/7.

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Every personal situation is different. 

Whether you need help understanding eligibility criteria or are wondering how certain filing strategies can affect your benefits, JustAnswers experts can provide you with the answers you need.

Getting accurate information about Social Security can be difficult and confusing at times - so why not leave it to the experts? JustAnswers'™ team of experienced professionals will take the time to make sure you get exactly the answers and advice you're looking for within minutes, with no hassle or need to wait days or weeks for a response.

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability (SSDI), social security payments, medical coverage, retirement age questions, change in benefits, new benefits claims, cost of living adjustments, taxable social security questions, and more: Just Answer's team of Experts can answer all of your social security questions—now.

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3 easy steps to get connected with a certified SS Expert: 

1. Start the Chat by telling the professional's assistant what questions or concerns you have about social security. 

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Here are some real testimonials from Just Answers customers:

My question was about being able to draw Social Security based on my ex-husband's benefits even though he is still living. I was very quickly in touch with an expert who was able to answer my question and clarify my understanding of how that works.

Maria Campbell

I had an urgent question re my social security and it was refreshing to go directly to a source that I felt I could 100% trust.
I was given a quick answer , straight forward.
Easy to understand!
I absolutely recommend this for anyone who wants to cut through long lines and red tape!

Renne Edwards

I am a senior collecting only social security. I know the tax laws fairly well, but needed some reassurance. Your tax expert answered my question quickly and with a smile. Thank you so much Yaw.

Helen Roberts

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JustAnswer.com offers you access to professional experts, with a high level of trust and client satisfaction. Their experts are highly trained in their respective fields, and can help you with your problems anytime. 

JustAnswer has a long history of providing excellent service. Founded in 2003, it is the oldest and largest online question-and-answer service of its kind. It connects millions of users a year to thousands of verified experts who can help with any issue that you might be facing. 

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24/7 expert chat available in numerous countries. 
Access to thousands of professionals who are experts in their field
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Affordable testing period  - $5 for 7 Days
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How Much does the Average Person Receive From Social Security? 

Every individual is different and you may qualify for special circumstances that get you maximum benefits. The amount of benefits received depends on the individual's work history and earnings record, and previous employment.

When should I start my application for benefits?

It's best to apply three to four months before you want your benefits to begin in order to ensure that you receive all of your benefits in a timely manner.

Is Social Security tax deductible?

Social Security taxes are not deductible on federal taxes but may be deductible on state and local taxes in some states. Be sure to ask the expert if your state qualifies as these rules are constantly changing. 

Are there different benefits for Veterans? 

Yes, veterans may be eligible for additional benefits through the VA and/or the Social Security Administration that are not available to non-veterans.

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

SSI is a needs-based program run by the Social Security Administration that provides income support to elderly, blind and disabled individuals who meet certain criteria.

What is medicare and do I pay premiums?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that covers people who are 65 and over, as well as certain individuals with disabilities or end-stage renal disease. Ask an expert abvout what types of premiums you may need to pay based on your own personal situation. 

About JustAnswers Team of Social Security Lawyers

Each lawyer is highly knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate in the areas they specialize in. 

The lawyers have vast experience with social security and use their expertise to develop strong strategies that are tailored to each individual case and circumstance. This allows them to effectively assess your personal situation and present the best compensation options for you.

The lawyers go above-and-beyond for their clients by offering personalized consultation services for those who may not know what direction to take or who want a professional opinion from someone who knows the field inside out. 

With their attentive listening skills combined with detailed analysis of the facts surrounding any given case, JustAnswer’s attorneys will provide sound advice about how you should move forward.

For this reason, over 95% of people have expressed satisfaction with the services offered by JustAnswer’s attorneys.

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