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Veteranarians are available for live chat through Just Answers. 

Get 1 Week unlimited chats for just $5.

Do you have questions about the health of your Pet? 

Chat with a Veterinarian 1 on 1. Connect with verified veterinarians in minutes, 24/7. Save time & money every time you use us.

Experts for Every Animal

For every animal. Just anser has veterinarians and specialists available to help care for your dog, cat, bird, horse, guinea pig, chicken, and every other animal.

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How it Works:

3 easy steps to get connected with a certified Vet: 

1. Start the Chat by telling the vet's assistant what concerns you have about your pet. 

2. Connect with the veterinarian via chat, email, text, or phone. Include photos, scans, and test results to ensure you get a comprehensive answer.

3. Get unlimited chats or discussions for 7 Days for just $5

What Other's Say

Here are some real testimonials from Just Answers customers:

Dr. Tracy was very helpful and supportive!  Maddie & I will definitely continue to go use Dr. Tracy with my questions. Thank you so much Dr. Tracy!

Maria Campbell

Being able to reach out to you guys directly via the internet was both faster and less expensive than a drive to my local veterinarian. Your help and advice allowed us to calmly monitor our pets.

Renne Edwards

I admit I was a little skeptical but after asking the right questions , the vet nailed my dog’s diagnosis. But of course have to get a test done to confirm it. Gave me a plan to deal with it. My friends were just as baffled as I was as to what was going on with my dog. Great prices! Quick service. So very happy with Just Answer.

Helen Roberts

 Finally There's An Answer!

JustAnswer.com offers you access to professional experts, with a high level of trust and client satisfaction. Their experts are highly trained in their respective fields, and can help you with your problems anytime. 

JustAnswer has a long history of providing excellent service. Founded in 2003, it is the oldest and largest online question-and-answer service of its kind. It connects millions of users a year to thousands of verified experts who can help with any issue that you might be facing. 

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Based on over 26,000 reviews examined. 

Key Features:

24/7 expert chat available in numberous countries. 
Access to thousands of professionals who are experts in their field
Instant response times thanks to the secure messaging system
Affordable testing period  - $5 for 7 Days
Thousands of highly rated, verified Veterinarians

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