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An Awesome experience for my cat's medical issue! Thank you Dr. Rachel and Dr. Kara for giving deep insight on suggestions for the cure. Amazing. Glad I found JustAnswer for Pets! 

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Jacky Hall


Responded immediately...

Loved that they responded immediately. Gave me a ton of helpful suggestions and made sure I was able to say everything I needed/wanted to. Also very polite and tactful. I do highly recommend this service.

Amy Young


Back to her normal self...

Thank you so much for your help! Just wanted to let you know that our dog, Queenie is perky and back to her normal self. Your help saved the day!

Dewey Smith


How Does It Work?

JustAnswer is a service that connects you with a pool of verified professionals in the Veterinarian field. If you suspect your animal may have a health related issue then you can get professional advice right now. 

Step 1: Choose the Type of Pet That You are Looking for Answers for. 

Step 2: In the chat prompt describe your issue to the Veterinarian assitant in order to be instantly connected with the proper professional for your animal. 

Step 3: The veterinairan will address all of your issues online through chat or you can choose to connect on the phone or email. 

What Types of Issues Can You Ask?

Since JustAnswer is providing you access to professional certified veterinarians you can ask anything you want that is related to your pet. 

According to Trustpilot many customers report that the staff at Just Answer make you feel like your pet's health will be the top priority and you will get real answers you need

Get definitive answers on all issues like: 

Pet allergies?
Skin issues? 
Diarrhea, Vomiting?
Urinary problems?
Dental issues?
Limping or Pain? 
Lumps and Bumps?
Potential Trauma?
And whatever questions you need professional answers for!

We Love Our Pets!
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The Vets specialize in all types of breeds. 

Be sure to let the assistant know what type of breed you have to be connected with the best vet available for your breed. At any hour of the day veterinarians are available to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. 

Unlimited access to a competent expert available to answer your question. 

You can also speak with an emergency vet if you need to access same day service.

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4 Dog veterinarians online now

5 Cat veterinarians online now

Tips for Getting the Best Service & Top Vet for Your Pet

Sure Just Answers can give you answers today, but if you're also looking for a long term relationship with a great online vet let us give you a few tips to make sure your pet gets the long term care and attention it needs to live a full and happy life! 

Choosing the right vet for your pets takes special consideration to your pets needs. Maybe you have a specific breed that needs more attention? Or maybe your pet has a certain condition that needs to be monitored evry month or year? 

As our pets grow older it becomes more important for us to have a great vet that we can trust, that is accessible whenever we need them, and one that already knows the history of our animal. 

That is why we encourage pet owners to establish a good long term relationship with a licensed vet. This can be done online or even at your local vets near you. 

Find Vet Who Has an Expertise With Your Animal

Not all pets are the same and the same applies to vets. Before selecting a long term vet be sure your vet has the knowledge about your specific animal. the vets currently online specialize in all types of animals including cats, dogs, other house pets, and even farm animals. By describing your issue in detail at first you will improve your chances of connecting with the best specialist for your pet. 

Ask Them About Their Expertise & Beliefs

When establishing a relationship with your vet be sure they have the same beliefs as you when it comes the well-being of your pet. Maybe you believe in all natural healing? Or maybe you know of other health, wellness and prevention issues you want the vet to have expertise in? Whatever it is be sure to ask your vet whatever helps you decide if they are the right person for your beloved animal. 

Top 5 Things to Ask Your Online Vet

1. What is the best diet for my animal? 

Many of the most common health issues in animals are related to what the pet is eating. A healthy balanced diet for your pet can save you thousands in Vet bills over time. 

There are thousands of different pet foods and many new studies show drastically different ingredients in most pet foods. This can be a cause of concern and should be one of the questions you ask your licensed vet about. 

2. How often should I exercise my animal? 

It is not always the case that a lot of excerise is good for your pet. As pets grow older they should not be overly stressed, especially if they have underlying health issues. 

Be sure to consult with your vet and ask specifically about how often your pet should exercise, and what type of exercise is right for your animal. The answer may surprise you.  

3. What are the most common diseases or health issues with my animal? 

Prevention is often the best cure and that goes for pets too. If we know what common issues we can expect with our particular breed we can help prevent major health issues (and mjor expenses) before they happen. 

Ask your vet what type of prevention you can do to avoid future problems with your animal. 

4. What expenses can I expect Annually with My Pet? 

If budgeting is important to you then this is something you should be asking your vet. They have experience in knowing what type of issues you can plan for with your animal as it continues to grow and age. 

5. Is my Pet a Healthy Weight? 

The size and weight of your pet can drastically affect the health and wellness of your animal. Studies have shown that both obesity and underweight animals have a lower lifespan. 

 Keep in mind it is also dangerous for animals to lose weight too quickly. This is why it is important to ask your vet exactly how you should treat an overweight or underweight animal. 

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