The Golf Tee Every Golfer Wants for Christmas: Exclusive Golf Tees Selling Fast!

Author: John Frederick, April 2023

Studies reveal that the FlightPath Tee can significantly boost your driving distance while minimizing sidespin, and it's virtually unbreakable. What's stopping you from trying it out?

Golf has been riddled with gimmicky products since its inception.

You may have come across claims like "Follow this video to putt like a pro!" or "Use this miraculous driver to add 50 yards to your drive instantly!"

Anyone with common sense can see that these are nothing but empty promises.

That's where the FlightPath Tee stands out from the crowd.

Instead of making exaggerated and baseless claims, FlightPath is genuinely backed by evidence demonstrating its ability to enhance your golf performance.

While it won't transform you into Phil Mickelson overnight, you can anticipate a significant improvement that will catch the attention of both you and your golfing buddies.

It's no surprise that thousands of golfers, ranging from beginners to professionals and even the 2018 Long Drive Champion, have embraced FlightPath as the "future of golf tees."

Consider Robert, one of our readers who recently switched to using FlightPath, as an example...

The Day Robert's Golf Performance Went to the Next Level

Robert had been an avid golfer for years, thoroughly enjoying his time on the fairway...

However, there was one aspect that frustrated him immensely.

Robert struggled to drive the ball as far or as accurately as his friends. (especially his father in law who was 20 years older.)

"I consider myself a fairly good golfer. But my buddies always seemed to have a slight edge over me...

"I was tired of always having to buy dinner after the game, and I wanted to step up my game, but my growing business left me with little free time to practice. As a competitive person, this was maddening...

"Recently, I noticed my friend using a uniquely-shaped tee during his tee-off... and his drives were visibly longer and straighter that day. Curious, I asked him about it, and he introduced me to the FlightPath website... so I decided to order a pack for myself.

"Last weekend, I tried out my FlightPath tees, and the results were astonishing — I managed to shave 4 strokes off my game, and I'm convinced FlightPath made all the difference. Several of my shots went noticeably straighter and farther than I anticipated, making my approach to the green easier.

"My competitive spirit is rekindled, and now I've set my sights on outperforming my father in law Roger. — I believe I'll surpass him by the end of summer. It's amazing how much 10 - 20 yards more per drive can drastically change your game. 

"The tee gives me the advantage of putting from the green rather than chipping out of a bunker. It's a benefit I'm more than happy to embrace — why wouldn't I?!"

Leveraging Advanced Physics: How FlightPath Tees Instantly Enhance Your Long Game

Robert isn't the only believer — thousands of golfers, including professional players like Maurice Allen (2018 Long Drive Champion), have made the switch to FlightPath.

The reason? FlightPath outperforms traditional wooden tees by a mile!

Standard wooden tees can hinder your golf performance, and a brief physics explanation reveals why. When striking the ball with a driver or an iron, the ball spins backward, reducing the distance it travels.

Simultaneously, the ball's spinning action generates friction on the tee, leading to a higher potential for sidespin and resulting in an off-target shot.

This combination leads to a shorter, less accurate drive. Devoting hours to "mastering" your swing or investing in an expensive new "miracle" driver won't solve the issue — especially when your TEE is the obstacle preventing you from realizing your full potential!

FlightPath's cleverly designed angled launch platform features a 10-degree drop, which helps minimize ball spin and unleash your accuracy potential.

The cradle that holds the ball is also engineered to reduce friction, which lowers the chance of sidespin and makes you more capable of driving straight down the fairway.

See? Simple physics.

FlightPath doesn’t promise gimmicky, night-and-day changes to your golf game. It just removes the obstacles that you typically face, and allows your true game to shine through.

So, while wooden tees rob you of that extra 5-10 yards, or cost you that extra stroke on the putting green… FlightPath simply clears the way for your best possible drive!

Enjoy Longer Drives With FlightPath

FlightPath may not promise to make you drive like Mike Austin... but honestly, who wants to overshoot the flag and land on the next hole anyway?

Instead, FlightPath is dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential. They've done the calculations so you don't have to — simply place your ball on a FlightPath tee, and you'll instantly experience reduced backspin, improved ball height, and increased distance... all without the need for costly gadgets or gimmicky training videos.

No countless hours at the driving range, no cross-training sessions, and no special stretches required. It might seem like an unfair advantage, but it's completely legitimate — FlightPath tees comply with USGA rules, making them tournament legal!

"Higher loft, longer distance…"

— Sarah L, Verified FlightPath Customer

Say Goodbye to the Hook and Slice!

There's nothing more disheartening than seeing your perfect shot devolve into the woods.

You might instinctively blame your grip or follow-through for these disappointing shots.

But what if a superior tee could help diminish those frustrating outcomes?

FlightPath's patented tee has been robotically tested and proven to not only reduce spin but also decrease the axis spin RPMs.

The outcome? Consistently straighter and longer shots.

This not only fixes the shots that were caused by your tee, but also assists you in improving your game by knowing your actual mistakes and those caused by the tee.

When using a wooden tee, there's a high likelihood that some of your off-target or short drives are a result of your tee. This means you might be spending hours to practicing something that doesn't actually need improvement... but you'll only discover this when you switch to a superior tee like FlightPath!

Here's the Real Hook: They are INDESDRUCTIBLE!

As a frequent golfer, you're likely aware of the irritation that comes with constantly purchasing tees. Not only does the cost accumulate, but it's also bothersome to continually replace tees that break after just a few shots!

This is precisely why FlightPath was designed using cutting-edge polymer technology, enabling each tee to withstand an impressive 100+ hits. As a result, you'll experience fewer broken tees and can carry fewer of them with you!

FlightPath Already Has A Major Following

"With my FlightPath tee I am aimed at keeping the ball in the grid. Cause if you’re not in the grid you can’t win."

— Maurice Allen, 2018 Volvik World Long Drive Champion

"Hole in one! Use my tee always, give them as gifts to friends…"

— Robert L.

"…I could tell from the first hit these are special. Each drive went long, high and straight…Innovative design and impressive product. Bravo!"

— Barry L.

Where Can You Get FlightPath?

FlightPath tees are sold online wherever you can find quality golf merchandise. However, the best deals can be found only on the FlightPath website. So if you’re ready to remove the obstacles that are getting in the way of your best swing, check out FlightPath today!

Since launching their flagship product, FlightPath has seen enormous interest in their patented tees… and if you’re interested in trying them out, now is the perfect time!

FlightPath is currently offering a special deal: Get up to 2 FREE 8-packs of FlightPath tees depending on how many you buy.

If you’re hoping to improve your golf game this spring, don’t delay. This deal could sell out any moment — click the link below to get yours!

No Gimmicks — Just physics working for you!

Unlock your potential - remove the obstacles that are blocking your best golf game

Drive further - an extra 5-10 yards could make all the difference

Hit straighter - less sidespin means fewer hooks and slices

Have a Question? See FAQs

Do FlightPath golf tees have USGA approval and are they legal for tournament play?

Absolutely, Flightpath golf tees are tournament legal, having been reviewed by the USGA and issued an official conformance letter.

Where are these tees manufactured?

FlightPath Golf tees are proudly made and patented in the USA, with production taking place in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

What contributes to the durability of FlightPath tees?

FlightPath tees are crafted from high-quality polycarbonate material, the same material used in bulletproof glass. This makes them significantly stronger and longer-lasting than wooden tees!

Do any professional golfers use these tees?

Certainly! A notable example is Maurice Allen, who utilized FlightPath in 2018 to clinch the World Long Drive Championship. Numerous long drive professionals and collegiate athletes also use our tees in competitions, and their popularity is expected to grow as more people become aware of them.

How do I set the ball on the tee?

Placing a ball on a FlightPath tee might differ slightly from your current method. Instead of inserting the tee into the ground first, position the ball on the tee before pushing it into the ground. Then, tilt it slightly back once it's in the ground to optimize your drives.

What is the lifespan of FlightPath tees?

While the exact longevity can vary depending on your playing style, each FlightPath tee should last for over 100 rounds. Comparing this to the average wooden tee that breaks every three holes (as per a Golf Magazine survey), you'll find that FlightPath offers not only superior performance but also significant cost savings!

When should I expect my order?

Promptly! Tees ship within 24-48 hours of receipt, and our product typically arrives within 3-5 business days in the United States. International shipping times may vary based on the destination country and customs procedures.

Will I be charged any additional customs, duties, or VAT fees upon receiving my order?

Depending on your country, you may incur one or more of these fees upon order delivery.

Please be aware that all international orders are charged in US dollars. International charges are determined by the standard exchange rates between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Will I receive an email notification when my order has been shipped?

Yes, you will receive an email invoice once your order is placed, and another when your order has been shipped.

If emails do not appear in your main inbox, please check your spam or junk mail folder.

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